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This Pistol Defender Class consists of four individual sessions. Each one specifically designed to improve your Pistol skills while in a defensive confrontation.
  • Pistol Familiarization & Accuracy
  • Pistol Defender
  • Pistol Defender Low Light
  • Police Pistol Accuracy Under Stress
Familiarization & Accuracy Session
  • Proper grip, stance, and follow through

  • Zeroing the firearm, sight alignment, and sight picture

  • Marksmanship fundamentals out to 25 yards

  • Trigger control

  • Presentations and recovery

  • Calling your shots

  • Reloading techniques

  • Malfunction clearance procedures

  • Single hand techniques

Defender & Low Light Sessions
  • Understanding Performance Based Training

  • Shooting while moving to cover

  • Moving then shooting (Dash to position)

  • Target to target transition drills

  • Dealing with multiple threats

  • Non-standard shooting positions

  • Utilization of cover and concealment

  • Single Hand shooting and manipulations

  • Methods of exiting shooting positions

  • Proper entry into shooting positions

Advanced & Under Stress Session
  • Point versus precision shooting concepts (Target focus vs. gun focus)

  • Instinctive shooting techniques (Working without sights)

  • Sight picture and its relationship to size and distance

  • Understanding the proper use of a shot timer during training

  • Dueling

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