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Practical Trauma Response
Concepts & Applications

This Four Hour class is divided into two days of Instruction and Hands-On Learning.  The first day is in the classroom where you will learn techniques of emergency medical care.  The second day is in the Range where you will learn response and reaction during critical shooting situations.

DAY 1:  Classroom
  • Reactions to stress
  • Basics of life-sustaining systems
  • MARCH - Massive hemorrhage, Airway, Respiratory support, Circulation and hypothermia
  • Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK): What you need and how to use it
  • Basic first aid and advanced wound care, including tourniquets
  • Basics of carrying and the safe movement of the injured
  • Hands on practical involving recognition and treatment of injuries
DAY 2:  Range
  • Two hand, strong hand and support drills
  • Support hand draws and reload
  • Response to an active shooter situation
  • Proper use of cover and concealment
  • Recovery of a casualty during active shooter situations

Equipment Required

  • Semi-automatic Pistol (.380, 9mm, 40 cal, 45 cal)

  • Approximately 150 - 200 rounds of ammunition

  • At least three magazines

  • Strong side OWB holster

  • Belt mounted magazine pouches

  • Comfortable classroom and range appropriate attire

  • Closed toe shoes

  • Brimmed ball cap

  • Eye and Ear protection

  • Notebook and pen

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