private instruction

Are you a new gun owner, or an experienced shooter

that wants to improve your skills?.. 


Blueline Shooting Sports is pleased to offer private instruction with an experienced teacher.

Work on your stance, steady your aim, perfect your shooting technique.  Get helpful tips and evaluation your body alignment and style.  Ask questions and get answers.


Our Instructor: Gino Vieira

GiOur Expert Firearms Instructor Ginono Vieira - Trainer1a.jpg

Instructor Gino Vieira served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry for twelve years.  During combat deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, Gino led Marines in counter insurgency operations, helped detain known enemy combatants, assisted in discovering improvised explosive devices and aided in repelling enemy attacks in direct fire engagements.  He is a military qualified expert in the M-16/M-4 family of military style rifles.


Gino has developed combat marksmanship skills of Marines and NATO coalition forces at home and abroad.

Gino's trademark articulateness and patience allows his students to successfully understand marksmanship methods and techniques.

Gino is an NRA certified Range Safety Officer and an NRA certified Instructor in Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun use, as well as In-Home and Outside-the-Home Personal Protection.  He is also certified by Sig Sauer as a Master Pistol and Master Rifle Instructor.


Gino currently serves as a Westchester County Deputy Sheriff.


You can check his availability and/or book a lesson with Gino right here on our website.  Just  click on the link at the bottom of this page.


You may also contact Gino directly at:

or by calling him at:  (914) 909-4503

Range Time Charges apply according to your membership category.

Fee for Private Instruction:

$105 per Hour

$55 per Half Hour

To Book a Lesson or Check Availability, click on the link below.