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skills training

Skills Training

At Blueline Tactical Supply & Shooting Sports we offer a wide variety of training classes with one of our professionals Instructors. 

Classes are scheduled throughout the year covering a variety of topics ranging from pistol permitting and basic shooting skills, to self defense and protection against home invasion.

Private Instruction

Personal Lessons are available with one of our professional shooting trainers.  They will help and guide you from being a new gun owner, to being a confident and experienced shooter.

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Firearm Safety Course

This is the first step in applying for a Pistol Permit in Westchester county.  Complete this course and include your certificate with your Pistol Permit Application.

Article 35

Do you know your rights when it comes to defending yourself, your family or your home?

How would you react if an intruder entered your home? What are you legally allowed to do?  What is considered excessive force when it comes to self defense?

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