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Utah Concealed Carry Class

Utah-Concealed-Carry 2b.png

The State of Utah allows New York residents the ability to obtain the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit. 

This permit is recognized by 30 states.


In the State of Utah, this license allows you Full Carry, either concealed or open carry.

This course will be ‘all inclusive’ so that you are able to mail in the application once you leave the course.

The course includes the following:


  1. Requisite fingerprints

  2. Passport Photos

  3. Copying of Drivers license

  4. Completion of Application (please do not do this in advance of the course)

  5. Handgun/ammo nomenclature

  6. Review of Utah State Laws regarding self defense, when and where you can/cannot carry (for all other states you may visit, you will need to review their laws)

  7. Matrix of States that Recognize Utah

  8. CD with the Utah Curriculum

  9. Envelope pre-addressed to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification for your convenience



The Utah License is not valid as replacement for a NYS license, nor will it allow you to purchase a handgun. You do not need to have a NYS Pistol License to take this course, but you need a pistol license in your own state to purchase a handgun.

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